We are the Trucking Company You've Been Looking for!
1010 N. Main Street 
Mayville, WI 53050
Phone: 920-387-1010
Fax: 920-387-5000

Welcome to the home terminal of Feucht Trucking, Inc.  We are a small scale trucking company built on the wholesome values of our forefathers.  At Feucht Trucking, hard work is always rewarded.  We live by the words of Thomas Edison "There is no substitute for hard work."  We are proud of our drivers and want them to succeed.  This is why we pay our OTR drivers a competitive cent per mile wage and offer numerous bonus opportunities for the best drivers.  We are not a flawless company because no company is, but we strive everyday to be a different kind of trucking company.  
Did you know?
78% of all freight carried in America goes by truck! 
That means truck drivers have the MOST IMPORTANT job in the USA!